Scotty Cameron Putters | Cameron Napa

Cameron Napa

When Scotty Cameron was growing up, the Napa style putter head shape was his favorite. He has always loved its flowing lines and has worked for more than 15 years to perfect this elegant classic. For a putter that looks so simple it has long been one of the most difficult putters to get just right with regard to size, shape, neck, bend and offset. It's one of those head shapes that requires expert craftsmanship and a very keen eye.

Scotty Cameron took an approach with the Napa Valley that matched performance with style by milling out a pocket in the sole. This valley sole allowed him to enhance the heel-toe weight for performance while maintaining the melt-into-the-ground aesthetics he demands at address. You will be pleased when viewing the elegant, flowing lines of this soft carbon steel, gun-blued putter, as Cameron chose to engrave a sight circle on the topline and a horizontal sight line along the flange. Holding the rich, burgundy leather wrapped grip, players will smile confidently while looking down the chrome micro-taper shaft as it blends perfectly into the smooth, flowing neck of the Napa Valley. This is vintage Scotty Cameron Putters.

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