Scotty Cameron Putters | Limited Edition Putters

Limited Edition Putters

The 2005 Limited Release My Girl putter is a customized version of the recently introduced Cameron Circa 62 No. 3 head style. It is precision milled from soft carbon steel for unmatched feedback and feel, and finished in black oxide for a unique appearance. This head was specifically selected for this Limited Release project and was weighted heavier at 350g to properly balance the shorter, 33'' overall length. The 2005 Scotty Cameron My Girl putter features special engravings that are painted in distinctive Cotton Candy Pink and Purple. Silver stars decorate the plumbing neck and a single star is used as an alignment aid on the topline of the putter. A black headcover with ''for girl use only'' embroidery and a pink Scotty Cameron grip with dancing Cameron crowns complete the 2005 Limited Release My Girl offering. Only 750 of these fine putters were produced worldwide and these are sought after by collectors.

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