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Cameron Laguna

The Laguna is a versatile head shape. Scotty Cameron used it early on in the Classic 2 and in the Classic 2.5. It features a short, slightly offset neck that allows for more toe flow, two sightlines for easy alignment and heel/toe weighting for consistency. The Laguna has a wide toe with a narrow heel for a more flowing look.

The Laguna 2 features a lot of toe flow for the player who desires the swinging gate effect. The neck is a little longer than the Laguna and flows naturally into the shaft. The heel is a little thinner for a cleaner, smoother look, and the non-glare Pro Platinum finish, widely accepted on Tour, adds a crisp, precise, feel at impact.

The Laguna Mid-Slant is a fusion of heritage and Cameron studio technology. The Laguna has evolved from the Cameron Classic 2 with its short flowing neck, black oxide finish and 3° of bounce, to the Laguna mid-slant with a mid-length slant neck that provides better visibility, 4° of loft which has been proven optimal in the studio.

The Laguna 2.5 was inspired by PGA Tour Player Brad Faxon. It makes its way into the Studio Stainless collection following the Pro Platinum line. The 2.5 has the plumbing neck for 1/4 toe hang and optimal toe flow, the use of Studio Stainless gives the putter a crisp, precise feel and the topline and flange are bead blasted to eliminate glare. The Laguna 2.5 has been refined over the years, and this design available in Studio Stainless, is a proven winner.

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