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Scotty Cameron focuses his attention primarily on creating new types of golf putters to meet the various needs of all golfers.  Scotty believes that putters require the most craftsmanship. While seemingly simple, and made only for driving the ball short distances compared to long range drivers, the role of a Scotty Cameron putter is crucial to the success of any golfer's game. Scotty Cameron Putters are so well made that many famous golf personalities like Tiger Woods and use a Cameron putter in their games.

When looking for used Scotty Cameron putters, some of the best models to look at are the ones which have been used by other professional golfers. Scotty releases new putter models constantly and he is always finding new ways to improve the game, you can't go wrong with time tested Cameron putters that have been used by the best players. The profession golfers are certainly in a position to know which putter models work most effectively. The three main types of Scotty Cameron putters which see a lot of use by the pros are the Studio Stainless, Cameron Studio Design, and the Cameron Futura putters.

Collecting Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron Collectors Worldwide have paid as much as $30,000 for one of Scotty's putters. The Japanese are avid users of Cameron Putters and a Scotty Cameron Putter Museum was opened in Japan in 2006.

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